OCSC Strategic Plan

The OCSC has set up the Strategic Plan (2017 – 2036) based on Thailand’s 20-Year National Strategy (2017 – 2036), in response to the 6th National Strategy - Balancing and Developing Public Management. This plan functions as a framework for Human Resource Management for government agencies, which is the key factor for the provision of public services that respond to the need of citizens in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, worthiness, transparency, fairness and conforming to current social and economic changes. Being also related to National Reform Plan and National Economic and Social Development Plan No. 12, this current strategic plan has been set up in various phases of implementation, and further cascaded into OCSC short-term action plan in each following year, based on aforesaid OCSC strategies. OCSC Strategic plan consists of 4 phases, as the following: 
- 1st Phase – Quick Win Plan (2017 – 2021)
- 2nd Phase – Outcome Enhancement (2022 – 2026)
- 3rd Phase – System reinforcement (2027 – 2031)
- 4th Phase – Continuous Development (2032 – 2036)