Human resource management system of the Thai public sector that is highly efficient, trusted and benchmarked at national and global levels.

1. To develop and set up human resource management system for driving efficiency of workforce administration in the public sector
2. To build and develop competency of human resource in civil service for performing official duties and delivering services.
3. To protect merit system in civil service, to promote benevolence and transparency in performing official duties for public benefit.

Strategic Goal
To become a transparent, corruption-free and efficient public sector with Innovation-driven government agencies and officials with good quality of life.

1. First Choice Civil Service: Strategy on enhancing recruitment and selection system to make government agencies become employer of choice for talented and public minded people.
2. Department focused HR Platform: Strategy that improves flexibility and efficiency in HR management of government agencies
3. Civil Service of Integrity and Passion: Strategy that encourages and supports government agencies to develop talents and ensure integrity.
4. Smart HR Policy: Strategy that improves systems and platforms for sound and efficient HR policy.